Kloxo-MR 7.0 in Candidate Release and CentOS 7 ready 18

Since 29 Jan 2017 (kloxomr7-7.0.0.c-2017012901), Kloxo-MR 7.0 already in Candidate Release . It's that mean 1 step to Final Release.

Since 27 Feb 2017 (kloxomr7-7.0.0.c-2017022701), Kloxo-MR 7.0 ready to CentOS 7.

So, enjoy it.


  • Read https://github.com/mustafaramadhan/kloxo/blob/dev/how-to-install.txt to know how to install Kloxo-MR.
  • Better register as member to https://forum.mratwork.com if need more support
  • Don't use 'comment' to this article to ask something but to forum.

18 thoughts on “Kloxo-MR 7.0 in Candidate Release and CentOS 7 ready

  1. Reply abderrahmen Mar 1,2017 03:41

    great job…thanks a lot of

  2. Reply Henry Mar 3,2017 08:22

    Keep up the awesome works!

    We welcome the great move.

    Have a wonderful day!

  3. Reply anggono Mar 28,2017 18:48

    mas, setelah saya install, kloxo tidak mau diakses. kendalanya dimana ya mas?

    OS centos7

  4. Reply MRatWork May 3,2017 23:25


    Don’t use ‘comment’ to this article to ask something but to forum.

  5. Reply I May 26,2017 06:40

    Thank you for this panel.

  6. Reply I May 26,2017 06:41

    Best panel ever!!!

  7. Reply Gustavo Jul 3,2017 08:31

    Fazia bastante tempo que não usava o Kloxo, e que já era bom, agora está sensacional! Excelente trabalho! Amo o Kloxo! Um abraço do Brasil! Se precisarem de ajuda para traduzi-lo conte comigo!

  8. Reply Furniture Jepara Nov 8,2017 14:11

    thanks for this sharing sir

  9. Reply Borys Dec 5,2017 04:22

    Great work! Big thanks! 🙂

  10. Reply test Dec 11,2017 23:30

    this server was hacked. clean it please. it is distributin malware

  11. Reply IT Newbie Dec 22,2017 11:31

    Nice Panel..
    I will use this panel..


  12. Reply bivabiva Feb 6,2018 23:39

    I can’t install CentOS7? any one please help me.. it’s really needed for me.

  13. Reply sanos Mar 10,2018 22:55

    Your forum has problem!!!!!!!!!!!!

    your email system do not work!!!

    Recovery password and email activation code can not work!!!!

  14. Reply RyanDwi Apr 11,2018 22:37

    beberapa kali mencoba install gagal, pada server censtos 7, kendalan pada mirror ada yang mati.

  15. Reply Waqass Aug 23,2018 15:03

    I can not register on your site’s forum as it is not sending me activation code. Is there any way to contact you. I am owner of hostmayo.com. Maybe I can support this project in some manner.

  16. Reply selva May 3,2019 21:04

    its support all php extensions?like zip.php

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